Rethinking one of the 4A's oldest members.
Brand Identity and Culture book. Download complete book.
Employee blogs allow visitors to learn more about each team member. Employee name becomes apart of the &Barr identity and URL. 
It's all about the people.
Building a brand is hard work and needs constant attention, but for a brand to be relevant it should behave more like a culture. A culture that manifests a spirit of harmony and credibility. A true representation of an ethos gains the attention of those that are most important to thrive.
At &Barr, I was fortunate to work with a band of talent that not only understood the value of great work, but the crucial role that a strong culture plays at an agency.
The video below is a peek into the hearts and minds of Brandy Gill (Guitar), Mark Sunderland (Vocals and guitar) Mark Robertson (Drums) Giles Partington (Bass) and Charles Caldwell (Bear). Just a few of the folks that continue to shape the brand and culture of &Barr.
When this band of creatives are not writing, acting and producing client videos you can find them bringing Christmas cheer to all - year round. The Yelves
Cards that point participants to the GOODNE55 Facebook page to share their story.
GOODNE55 was born from the hearts of an agency commemorating its 55th anniversary. Already a huge supporter of the community, Fry Hammond Barr (now &Barr) wanted to give back in a different way for the holiday season. Doing so, lead to a twist on "the gift of giving." A simple approach that kicked off the project; Get 5, Give 5 for Goodness Sake. First, the agency deployed employees, in pairs, into the community. Then, employees handed out two 5 dollar bills to strangers explaining that the first bill was for them to keep and encouraging them to give the second bill to a friend, loved one or total stranger. Finally, recipients were also given a GOODNE55 card that pointed them to Facebook where they were encouraged to share their story and read the stories of others.
Two GOODNE55 tee shirt designs to be worn in pairs.

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